Best Jet Engine Model Kits 2020 Review - Model Engine Fans

Best Jet Engine Model Kits

#1. Haynes Jet Engine Model Kit

This jet engine kit from Hanyes is a simplified model of a generic, two-spool turbo fan engine. It includes a number of transparent parts so you can easily see the mechanics of the engine.

Haynes provides a clear, easy to follow manual as well as some interesting background information about real jet engines. The model will take about an hour to put together. Although it says it’s recommended for ages 10+, we suggest a few years older and with parental guidance since it has some delicate parts that could easily break during assembly.

Over all a good model that is fairly easy to build and will give you and your child a good understanding on how a real jet engine works.

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#2. Smithsonian Jet Engine Kit

Learn the science behind a real jet engine with this Smithsonian model engine kit.

Once built you can control thrust and turbine speed from start to cruise and landing speed. The cool thing is that it can run pretty fast so whatch your fingers!

The model will take about an hour to assemble and will do a great job illustrating how a jet engine works.

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