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10 Best Engine Model Kits

Do you love engines? Are you fascinated by all the pistons and gears moving around? Wouldn’t it be nice having a cool model engine in you living room, garage, office or shop. An engine you built by yourself?

Well, here’s a collection of the 10 best and coolest engine model kits you could build.

#1. 4 Cylinder Engine

This 357 pcs, four-cylinder engine is a true masterpiece. When we first saw this model we where blown away by it’s level of detail. This kit will keep you occupied for hours. Extremely well made with high precision parts in stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

The engine is designed as a gasoline engine, but work with 5V electric motor instead of gasoline so you can run it and see all the parts moving. This kit is as close to a real assembly line process as you can get.

If you want a challenge and something really cool to show off, then this is the kit for you. Most suitable for adults, but also kids with technical interest and good patience.

We love it, and I’m sure you will too!

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#2. V2 Double Cylinder Airplane Engine

This two-cylinder airplane engine from the same manufacturer is our second choice. Parts manufactured through CNC precision casting. Same quality as the 4 cylinder engine with 217 pcs. Takes a couple of hours and lots of fun to build. Runs on 5V Lithium battery.

Ideal gift for yourself, friends, kids, colleagues or family members.

Suitable for adults and older kids.

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#3. 1 Cylinder Engine

This is the smallest engine kit in the series. We just love these engine kits because of the level of detail and the high quality parts. That’s why they top the list. This model has 130 pcs and is fairly easy to build, but still somewhat of a challenge with all the small parts.

As the bigger models, this also runs on a 5V battery. It’s really fascinating how you end up staring at the model running once you’ve built it.

The verdict? They are so cool to build AND watch!

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#4. Hot Air Stirling Motor

A Stirling engine is a heat engine that works by cyclic compressing and expanding hot air. You lit the burner and heat the cylinder for 15-20 seconds and then you give the wheel a gentle push and it will run and generate power to the LED on the side.

Perfect for demonstrating physics, science project or just a nice display item. Also a great conversation starter.

Not too hard to build but quite fun.

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#5. Haynes V8 Engine

Working model of a dual overhead cam V8 Engine with over 100 pcs. This engine is FUN to build!

An all-new working model of a duel overhead cam V8 Engine. Easily assembled with over 100 parts, includes a working electric motor, light up spark plugs, engine sounds and automatic shut off. Discover how an internal combustion engine works. Construct a fully working model with see through workings and chrome plated plastic trim pieces. Lots of details and an instruction manual with step-by-step diagrams and easy to assemble components. Requires 2 AA batteries (not Included).

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#6. Haynes V-Twin Motorcycle Engine

Detailed, see-through V-Twin engine with sound recorded from a real engine.

The see-through cylinders and illuminating spark plugs allow you to see how each part of the engine works. The model contains more than 75 pieces, and it comes with a Haynes manual with step by step instructions as well as interesting information about V-Twin engines.

Great for motorcycle enthusiasts, both adults and kids.

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#7. Porsche 911 Flat-Six Boxer Engine

Build your own working 1:4 scale model of the classic 1966 Porsche 911 flat-six engine. This detailed replica features more than 280 components found in the real engine. Transparent casing so the moving parts can be seen when switched on and features realistic engine sounds. High quality parts that fits nicely together.

This is a fairly large model measuring nearly one foot by one foot by 10 inches high. Takes a couple of hours on a nice Sunday to build.

Includes a detailed manual, with clear instructions and diagrams to follow. Requires 3x AA batteries, not included.

Would make a great gift for car enthusiast, especially those who love Porsche.

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#8. Porsche Carrera 4 Cylinder Boxer Engine

Another Porsche engine, the 4 cylinder Carrera 547 boxer engine. A 300 pcs, 1:3 scale model kit for Porsche lovers and car enthusiasts alike.

The Carrera engine is legendary. This technical masterpiece was one of the reasons for the numerous Porsche racing victories in such iconic cars as the 356 or the 550 Spyder.

Now you can build this iconic 547 engine as a transparent working model, with all the moving parts. All the parts are easy to assemble and screw together. Easy manual and even a 112 page collectors’s book with archive drawings, photographs and text, written and produced by the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

Requires 3 x 1.5v (AA) batteries to run (not included)

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#9. Pneumatic Wooden Engine

Now this is something really cool. A working, air-driven, 2-cylinder wooden engine from UGears. The model is fairy easy to build. Laser cut parts which are easy to press out and all parts fits nicely together. Some parts may need to be trimmed with a small retractor knife or a file.

We like this kit because it is different. There is something about wood…

Although you can make it run with a balloon or by just blowing in the nozzle, we consider it to be a nice display model that you turn around with your finger.

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#10. Wilesco D9 Steam Engine

Number 10 on or list is the classic Wilesco steam engine. This brings back our childhood dreams when we looked at the engine in the toy store.

This kit breathes German craftsmanship. Well made.

This engine is equipped with a double-acting brass cylinder and the flywheel with centrifugal governor can be started in both directions. With some steam oil (not included), you can make the chimney puff some smoke, just like a real steam engine.

The Wilesco D9 kit will make a complete D10 engine once it’s assembled. Easy to follow instructions. Will take an hour or two to build.

Excellent for illustrating how engines worked in the early days of engineering.

Make sure to use distilled water at all times and the water tank must not be heated dry! Don’t Forget the Esbit fuel as it is not included!

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