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Best Stirling Engine Model

#1. 16 Cylinders Airplane Stirling Engine Model

The Stirling engine is a fascinating peace of art invented 200 years ago by Robert Stirling. The engine works by circulating compression and expansion of air or other gases, the working fluid operates at different temperature levels, converting the thermal energy into mechanical work.

This 16 cylinder airplane engine is a really nice display item. It looks really cool! The body is made of aluminum alloy with a stainless steel propeller and hot cylinder. The engine is prepared with butane gas and runs smoothly. A warning though, the propeller spins very fast so keep children and your fingers away!

We think this is a really nice Stirling engine model that deserves it’s place at the top!

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#2. 4 Cylinder Stirling Engine

Our next model is this 4 cylinder engine. It is one of the most powerful Stiling engines models on the market. It runs at speed up to 1300 to 1500 RPM and produces electricity to a multicolored LED on the generator.

The engine is well crafted and robust. Precision parts with low tolerance up to 0.002mm. It will produce about 4-9V of electricity.

This outstanding piece of craftmanship deserves a prominent place in your house or office.

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#3. Low Temperature Stirling Engine

This fantastic little engine is something quite out of the ordinary. It will run on a cup of hot water!
It can also run on top of an ice cube. Some people even trim it by having a cup of hot water under it and ice cubes on top. This will make it run even faster!

All parts is made of high quality material and it runs very smooth. We love the sound of this nice little engine. Tickety, tickety, tick. Just love it!

Great for illustrating the science behind a heat engine and kids as well as adults love it. I guarantee you, everyone will flock around it!

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#4. 6 cylinder Stirling Engine Gatling Gun

A spinning gatling gun! Are you kidding me!?
This one is so Cool!

The engine has a total of six cylinders that rotate when it’s started, like a machine gun firing. Very fascinating to watch it spin.

It can spin pretty fast so keep your hands away. The peace also get quite hot so let it cool down properly before picking it up. And keep children at a safe distance.

It’s a nice and odd piece of Stirling technology and we love to play around with it. Very decorative too.

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#5. 1 Cylinder Stirling Engine

This one is a classic in it’s simplicity.

An absolutely beautiful peace of machinery and small enough to be approved by your spouse having it in the livingroom.

It have a generator attached that produces electricity to a mulicolored LED. Looks cool when the lights are out.

A high quality build on a stable base ensures it runs efortless and without vibrations in speed up to 2300 RPM.

Great display item and conversation starter. Also great for science education. Kids love it!

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